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Aniston Adventures is a team of inspired filmmakers and creatives making an impact on others daily. 


Aniston Adventures is a new photography & videography business founded in 2023. We specialize in creating unique and memorable experiences for our clients. We are detail oriented and creative, and we strive to be flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs. Our mission is to capture the perfect moment in a creative and memorable way. We look forward to capturing your adventures.

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Aniston Adventures offers creative, expressive, and client-focused videography services to capture the authenticity of your special moments. We provide exceptional visuals to tell your story for years to come.

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Moments from an innovative perspective in the world of photography. Our team of creatives are flexible adventurers that strive to capture your/our special moments with excitement and enthusiasm.



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The Sonder Project

The Sonder Project is a film that captures life's moments from a unique perspective. From the love and passion to the hate and sadness, this film will make you realize something new about yourself. 

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Adventure Episodes

Aniston Adventures is a series of light-hearted and fun films that celebrate the power of love, passion and inspiration. Each episode is crafted with humour and care to bring viewers a unique and memorable experience.



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